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Serebro – Mama Lover (Album Sampler)
— 07 Juin, 2012,21:51:08 —

Serebro - Mama Lover

Ça devait arriver, ça va arriver, l'album des très belles russes Serebro est proche du lancement ... et au vu de la tracklist ça annonce du lourd! Song #1 différente de la version d'origine, un son plutôt calme Sound Sleep qui me plait plutôt pas mal! Like Mary Warner avec un bon ptit synthé que j'aime bien, Gun qui est l'instru Mama Lyuba/Mama Lover avec d'autres paroles, sortie de l'album : 26 juin!

1 - Paradise
2 - Like Mary Warner
3 - Song #1
4 - Angel Kiss
5 - Mama Lover
6 - Why
7 - Gun
8 - Bastard
9 - Never Be Good
10 - Sexing You
11 - What's Your Problem
12 - Mama Lyuba
13 - Mama Lover (Karaoke Version)
14 - Sound Sleep (feat. Oma-Vega)
15 - Angel Kiss (Dubstep Remix)

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7 responses for Serebro – Mama Lover (Album Sampler)

  1. Ben Jackson 08 Juin 2012

    Where did you find this?! I love it and have been waiting for their album for ages! Is there a release date?

    I love the new versions of Like Mary Warner and Song #1 and the official English version of Davay Derjatsya Za Ruki ‘Angel Kiss’.

  2. From an italian promotional website 😉 but I don’t have any information about the release date sorry 🙁
    For my part I love too the new version of Song #1 and also Sound Sleep even if it’s not a dance song

  3. Ben Jackson 08 Juin 2012

    I just wanted to know whether you would post any further information about the album if you find out? I just hope it leaks soon!

  4. I will post all informations when I get it 😉 even the full album (but no download just streaming)

  5. Ben Jackson 08 Juin 2012

    Thanks! I’ll be keeping a close eye on this website 🙂

    I really can’t wait for the new Like Mary Warner and the new songs!

  6. The album will be out at june 26th 😉

  7. Most of the songs already exist in russian and i don’t know if it’s becauz i already know them but i prefer in russian ! Angel kiss and Like mary warner are not bad. I have to get used to the english version !!
    But i want it !!!

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